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Hey! Ever wish you could play an instrument? You wanna play but think it's too late to learn?
Or did you play when you were in school? Haven't opened that case in years?

It's never too late, you know. New Horizons was made with you in mind. We are the Chicago-area Western Suburbs answer to recorded music. We make our own.

Across America and way beyond, people have joined bands like ours to have fun playing, either again or for the very first time.
Some of the pieces are simple, some are goofy, some are classics, some a little more challenging, but they're all worth hearing.
And you get to see a lot of people with similar interests weekly. Rehearsals are fun. We've been known to rehearse the post-concert buffet with a little potluck , but lately a social hour at Quigley's after rehearsal has proved that we still have the energy to talk.

15th anniversary concert
Full size photo

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