This is from an old memberlist but is the best I had. How does Maryann remember all of us anyway?

Name Instrument Officer
Michael Bassoon VP
Laurel Bass Clarinet
Alta Clarinet
Betsy Clarinet
Carolyn Clarinet
Joe Clarinet
Karen Clarinet
Marion Clarinet
Chuck Euphonium Facilities Coordinator
Eileen Euphonium Secretary
Betty Flute
Gail Flute
Jayne Flute
John Flute
Judy Flute
Laurel Flute
LeeAnn Flute President
Maria Flute
Meg Flute
Rosemarie Flute
Sue Flute
Amy French Horn
Cathy French Horn
Joyce French Horn
Marilyn Oboe
Tom Oboe
Howard Percussion
Mary Kay Alto Sax
Sue Alto Sax
Tom Alto Sax Publicity
Tony Alto Sax
John Bari Sax
Jack Tenor Sax
Joe Tenor Sax
Nancy Tenor Sax
Bob Trombone
Clyde Trombone
Bob Trumpet
Jim Trumpet
Lou Trumpet
Marybeth Trumpet
Pat Trumpet Treasurer
Rick Trumpet
Chuck Tuba Webmaster
Eric Tuba